What is this ?

Welcome to It’s Dani’s Life!

My name is Dani and I am the ugly duckling trying to find her way.
img_20160521_121141Although my exact theme for this blog is still up in the air, I can assure you it will be all over the place for a while until I figure out exactly what I would like to accomplish. For now, I invite you to join my journey into bloggerism (is that even a word??).

No matter the reason you have stumble onto this page, whether you enjoy laughing at someone, or feel reassurance knowing it can always get worse, or even if you happen to just enjoy the content (in that case, you’re just as crazy as I am), I welcome you with open arms and hope we can build something great together.


If you’ve managed to keep up and stay awake, I like you and I appreciate you.

Enjoy !